Can I check how many views received for my listing?

Is there a way I can check how many people viewed my listing on OpenRent and all partner websites?

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Hi Vinjoy, I’m afraid we donn’t track page views for adverts. Ultimately it is viewing requests that count and you can see yours by selecting ‘Tenant Enquiries’ next to the relevant listing here:


Hi Sam, I’m sure you used to track statistics on advert page viewings - is there any reason you stopped?

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I know the likes of Rightmove provide agents with statistics. Would it not be possible for landlords to see those?

Hi Michael,

No, I don’t think that has even been the case.

We don’t have any plans to add page views count functionality at the moment. We do everything possible to advertise properties to all relevant tenants, including advertising on all major property portals and affiliate sites and sending daily email updates to tenants looking for properties. We have over two million registered tenants using OpenRent to find properties.

I can appreciate it might be frustrating not to know ‘if tenants are seeing’ your advert if you were expecting more interest than you have received, but we really do everything possible to find landlords tenants, and ultimately the only statistic that matters is whether one suitable (set of) tenant(s) is found for the property.

We have some great guidance for how best to approach finding tenants on our blog, including the best time to advertise, how to create an attractive advert, and why how the property portal websites prioritise new properties over old ones.


Recall that in ‘14, numbers related to Rightmove shown. Was that just a test feature for owners?

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