Rightmove / zoopla enquiries not getting through?


Uploaded my ad two days ago. Have had lots of interest but unable to see which portals (RM / Zoopla etc) these have come through.
Concerned I’m not getting all enquiries. I got a couple of friends to make dummy enquiries on Rightmove and NEITHER have come through to me. They don’t have and weird preferences set up or anything like that.

When I tried to enquire myself, I immediately got an email from OpenRent saying ‘we see you’ve tried to test the system, don’t worry blah blah blah’. But meanwhile the ones sent by my friends a few hours ago and also yesterday haven’t come through.

Anyone got any advice on this?

I’m aware it’s been discussed before but old top[ics have been closed and I can’t seem to find an answer…



@Alice19 - Thanks for your post.

We can see your advert has 37 enquiries so far, so hopefully you can see the system is working, but I appreciate landlords may want to test this themselves, which is why we flag that when we spot it to make it clear the system is working (eg. if we can spot it’s your own enquiry, we are also receiving and processing other enquiries!).

I can see the enquiries on your advert, some of which haven’t been fully completed yet (your friends will have to follow the link sent to them via email and SMS). If you think they’re having trouble receiving our emails, do let us know (by contacting our customer support team) the details they enquired with and we can certainly look into what has happened so far.

We do take our enquiry processing very seriously, and are happy to investigate any claims things aren’t working, but I’m confident our system is extremely effective - and even if your friends made a typo somewhere, or missed an email, our follow-up systems and team will make sure no enquiries are “lost”.

If you are keen to increase the number of tenants enquiring about your property, feel free to let our team know and they’d be happy to put together some suggestions on how to improve your response rate.

Good luck in your search for the perfect tenant!

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Hi. Thanks for getting back to me.
Is it possible to see where the enquiries have come from specifically?

And regarding the messages not getting through from friends, one has and one hasn’t

Yep - as I say we’re happy to investigate any individual cases. If you think your friends are having trouble receiving our emails, do let us know the details they enquired with and we can certainly look into what has happened so far. You can contact our customer support team with those details (so they’re kept private!) via our contact form.

i agree with Alice here Daz. Sometime ago I asked openrent to inform me how many leads came from zoopla and how many from rightmove as I felt almost all leads came from the openrent platform directly. Openrent wrote to me saying they dont have the data as they dont have the mechanism of checking as to how many leads come from rightmove or for that matter any other portal. So, I suppose my point is that when openrent gets their revenue on advertising on major portals, they should have mechanisms to audit how many leads come from each portal. Landlords would want to know this information as they are paying for the service. However, I got a convoluted answer to my question!. I also did not get any further information as to other than gumtree, rightmove and zoopla where else openrent advertises although they say that ads are placed on several other portals but fail to name any single one such as say on the market. I made my own searches and found that my property was not listed on primelocation, on the market. It does help for openrent to be more specific!.

Hi Shantala,

If you have an advert that you expect to be appearing on PrimeLocation (or anywhere else for that matter), the let our customer support team know, and they should point you in the right direction. Either to point you to the advert, or let you know that isn’t an advertising partner.

At the moment, OpenRent does not share the “source” of enquiries, and the truth is, it’s non trivial to know - a user can click through from an advert on one site to OpenRent and enquire, or they can call a number on a third party site, or they can enquire via our third party partners, or they can see an ad, Google OpenRent, and then enquire via our site - if we tagged enquiries, it would be misleading, and some landlords would state “that tenant told me they came from site X, but you told me Y”. This isn’t something we feel most landlords care about (unlike the number and quality of enquiries), so it’s not an area of focus.

I hope that helps clarify both points.


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