The Problem with Open Rent

I like OpenRent, I really do, but there is one problem which is detrimental to both Landlords & OpenRent. I just advertised a flat and paid the very reasonable £29 to advertise on Rightmove & Zoopla.

My advert went live in about an hour with OpenRent and about 24 - 36 hours later with Rightmove and Zoopla.

The problem is that OpenRent is so successful that I had to pause my advert very soon after that as I already had 18 viewings for my open house.

I asked each visitor where they saw the advert and all but one said on OpenRent.

This means there really is no point in paying for RightMove and Zoopla so OpenRent lose revenue, but it also means that advertisers are missing a big chunk of the potential market as the demographic of Rightmove users in particular is different.

Unless the advert goes live on all sites at aproximately the same time, there is no need to pay for the other sites. In the current rental market, OpenRent is likely to generate enough leads on its own.

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