Can I show prospective tenants around my flat during the lockdown?

I live about 1hr away from my apartment and it has been empty for 2 months now.
I’m paying council tax but I’m assuming that I can’t show anyone around.
I have someone who wants to view.
Can anyone advise me what is best to do?

you can show people around ask them not to bring their children mum dad aunty uncle grandad grandma best friend or Boris. Keep you distance. spray discinfect the doorhandles and be in different rooms. People still need a place to live

We have got similar question. 2 days ago, our tenants contacted us and said they were leaving early May. I am not sure whether I shall put the property in the market now. Or better get hold with it. We really want to find the tenants as soon as possible as we have got mortgage for it and also when the property is empty we need to pay the council tax. Very bad time to look for the tenants.

H Y S dont give up hold your nerve, we can get thru if we dont panic . Panic will only serve to help lower property prices

Thanks, that’s encouraging. I’ll try an arrange a viewing.
Cheers. Alleyne

Yes, the council tax is a killer when you don’t have a tenant and you’re not even using the service. Good luck with finding a tenant.