Viewing and letting during lockdown

Hi, I wonder if anyone can share experiences or advices about how to take viewings, or let the house during the current lockdown. There are two keen viewers who have passed my basic question but I guess they are being furloughed so I am hesitating if I shall take them. Is it possible to still take viewings now? Anything we need to be aware?

I would as them to come in alone. Not touch anything. keep your distance. How much can they pay in advance?

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Thanks Colin. They need to pay one month deposit and one month rent in advance which will be around 1500. They told me their income is total around 30k in restaurant industry which worries me a bit in particular under the current situation. What do you think according to your experience?

Restaraunt workers may be the last people back in work. I always go with my gut feeling as I speak with people. Can you get a guarrantor as well ? Can they come up with more rent in advance? This is a tricky balancing act.

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They said they are from other EU countries and are currently working in UK. I am not sure if we can use guarantor who may be outside of UK from openrent?

My own feeling is that if I were the tenant and even if my current contract comes to the end, I will stay in my current place and keep paying and I’m sure in this way my current landlord is happy too. I just could not figure out any reason why they are (I am sure there are many of them) so keen to move under the current situation.

if in doubt dont do it .If uneasy dont do it

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Tread carefully. There are people taking advantage of the situation and getting in the flat and not paying rent.
Best approach is to take the details and ask them to wait till lock down ends and then contact them for viewing.

Hi Kai, we have some guidance on how you can conduct viewings digitally here.


Worth asking why they are looking to move now?

They just say that their current contract is expiring.

check that out .They should be able to show you their tenancy agreement and then you will know if they are telling the truth about it coming to an end… One lie and they will lie about other stuff…You could ask for a landlords reference, but I do not always believe those, if a landlord is trying to get rid of them, he may lie

Good point Colin! They did show me the tenancy and indeed it is the end of this month as their contract is six months only.

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I wonder why they dont stay on

I was thinking the same question. According to what they said is that the current apartment is costly in terms of energy bill and council tax which is D. So they want to find a better one.
In fact, there seem to have increasing number of enquiries recently. I wonder if it is same for anyone else.