Cannot say employed in listing

I am advised it is not legal to advertise for being employed a condition for residents . Surely it a waste ot everyones time if we arrange a viewing when we will not rent to an unemployed person. As an owner occupier of an HMO I do not have to give a reason for not renting to someone. I have listed ‘solvent ( I am not allowed to say employed’ I hope this will be allowed. As we all know there are an increasing number in difficulties only likely to increase in the forseeable future. My main concern is to keep the three long term residents I have who had to put up with problem residents now left. I do not insist on references my excellent East European could not provide any. Agencies that manage lettings insist on references which they can, yet we cannot say ‘employed’

If you did say ‘employed’ in your advert, you would at risk of being found to have breached equalities legislation and could be prosecuted, so its probably not a good idea.

I hope one day you end up unemployed and homeless, desperate for someone to let you live in their property on benefits.

This website is one of the only places people like me can go when all the estate agents would rather see you on the streets.

What a despicable human you are.


Do you have an actual question or do you just want to rant?

so if we want to ask a question, is it ok to phrase it this way, for example. " are you male or female ? Are you in work or not in work? Do you have pets or do you not have pets? Is it for just yourself or not just for yourself? Do you smoke or do you not smoke? Are you renting now or are you not renting now?" Do you see what I am trying to do? Being “neutral” with the questions. (if neutral is the right word)

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Yes, there is no problem with asking them if theyre working and if not, the source of their income. There’s not even a legal problem once you hear that someone is supported wholly by benefits, deciding that you won’t accept them for that reason, as long as you have a business rationale. What is potentially illegal is having a blanket policy of not even considering people on benefits.

Please don’t talk like this in this forum. There are plenty of other places where you can call people names.

Be polite and courteous. Also, I would never rent to an unemployed individual as they can’t afford my property.

All I can say is… WOW…JUST…JUST…WOW!