Tenancy in employer's name

We’ve worked with an agent that finds and vets tenants for us before we continue to manage the tenancy. This time, they’re suggesting that the tenant’s employer take on the tenancy (well established limited company). I have a feeling that the tenant, a single mum working in the care sector, may not have the financial clout to pass referencing.

Has anyone else come across this set-up? Many thanks for your thoughts.

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if she leaves they may put in someone unsuitable

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In my opinion the agent is not acting on your best interest. Company lets come with a range of issues and this sounds like rent to rent, which is worse. Theyre also recommending someone who cant pass referencing when across the country there are tens of good applicants for every rental property.

In my experience an agent who wont be managing the tenancy has little incentive to give you their best tenants.

If your already managing the tenancy, then why not do the recruitment/tenancy creation yourself, either using the Openrent advertising and rent now service or by joining NRLA and using their model documents and checklists.


Many thanks for this, David, and I appreciate your comments

Thanks for this, Colin, and it’s not something I’d considered.

I have done exactly that. We did it regularly with an ftse company relocating staff, and an estate agent doing similar. We specified in the contract that only a named person could reside in the property. It worked well but be careful. Companies may be intending to put others in as well. If you have any doubts don’t do it. If it is someone earning very little, ask yourself why this company would do this?

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TV: Shamplina defends landlords who conduct ‘extreme tenant vetting’ – LandlordZONE

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The other issue is that if the tenant does not pass referencing then you cannot claim on insurance if they trash your property, steal and damage things. I would be careful

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