Cantonese chef conundrum

I’ve been approached through social media by a guy looking for a flat for a chef. A quick search showed we have nine friends in common & he advertises offers for a local Cantonese restaurant.
Following recent events in Essex I’m concerned about who would be living in the flat & my liability.
There is a lot of takeaways in the country & the staff must live somewhere.
Anyone have any experience of this.

Hi Stuart, in terms of your responsibilities as a landlord over who is living in the flat, the main thing you must do is conduct the right to rent check. We have a guide to that here.

What are my right to rent duties?

Apart from that, you can let to whomever you wish, as long as you have the correct HMO licencing where required and in line with over-occupancy and space rules.


Thanks Sam, it’s not an hmo just a 1 bed flat & if I was to let it to a manager who put his staff in how would I know who was living there.
He hasn’t booked a viewing yet.

Hi Stuart, would this be a company let? i.e. would you be letting to the restaurant or to the chef personally?

Hi Sam
I’m not sure & he hasn’t got back to me so I’m not going to worry about it.
Thanks anyway.

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