Carpet cleaning

My tenant is leaving the property in 3 weeks time
At the end of tenancy all of my tenants have always had the carpets cleaned as they were brand new on first letting.
Tenant has sent snotty email saying it unnecessary as she has kept the place clean…given COVID scenario and the fact that she had refused access for gas safety check due to being 16 weeks pregnant (although date time was agreed and she didnt say she was pregnant when appt agreed, no problem for me) I don’t think I am being unreasonable in expecting her to leave the house exactly as she found it…

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Nothing you can do. Checkout inspection may indicate a clean and if so claim any cleaning expenses against the deposit. Can’t claim for wear and tear and dirty marks - inevitable, sadly.

Thanks John
Appreciate your input

As John said, believe this (even if stated in tenancy) is now counted as a prohibited fee.

Unreasonable to ask your tenant to professionally carpet clean. The only thing that matters is that they kept it clean subject to fair wear and tear as per the inventory.

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If its in the contract that they professionally clean on leaving that must be fair, if it isnt its not, simple.

Hey, I am having the same issue with my tenants moving out too - they have refused a deep cleaning of the carpet, i requested that they do that as due to current Covid-19 circumstances. They claimed that the contract just says to leave the condition as they have moved in and they dont believe the carpet was deep-cleaned (and it was!) when they moved in and asked me to prove that to them - cheeky bastards! So, there is no way that we can get the tenants to run professional deep-cleaning with the current pandemic ? Thanks

As far as I understand it, even if this is written into the AST it is now not permitted to ask for this.
If the carpet is in such as state, which is obviously beyond fair and tear, then you could apply to have cleaning costs taken out of the deposit.


Thanks for the note, Mister :slight_smile:
I appreciate during these unprecedented Covid-19 times we look after one another, but it is very frustrating that certain tenants have been cheekily abusing the compassion we all have. I guess if they decide to just vacuum and leave, we will not even be able to demand any cleaning.
I have very good tenants previously, but to be honest, I can’t wait for the current one to leave and not very much want to even provide a reference, beyond confirming the tenancy.

Yes, I know how you feel!
We had it written into the tenancy about cleaning carpets professionally, which is what happened when our tenants were given the tenancy, but even before the Tenant Fess Act, don’t think we ever had much chance of that happening.
Think a lot of us would be grateful for just vacuuming these days!


if the carpets are left in clean condition then that will be deemed reasonable by a judge or whoever bonds your deposit, you are on a hiding to nothing.
what a lot of people don’t know is that if a condition is “unreasonable” then it wont stand up in court. courts and most deposit holders are biased towards tenants that is a fact. for example if the contract said they need to send the landlord a fresh chicken each month for the next 5 years and they signed you could never enforce it. Sad for chicken loving landlords i know…