Change in deposit and tenancy agreement name

Hi - One of my tenants wants to move and and has found a replacement tenant to fulfil the contract. I wish to replace their names on the tenancy agreement and the deposit. Is this easy to do?

No. You have to end one tenancy with a deed of surrender, do a full checkout inspection and refund any deposit, then do a whole new tenancy for the new person with a new deposit and all other required documents.

In order to transfer tenancy from one person to another, a deed of surrender must first be executed to end the existing tenancy. After that, a full checkout inspection should be conducted and any deposit should be refunded. Once this is done, a new tenancy agreement should be created for the new tenant, which includes a new deposit and all other necessary documents.

Agree - I had this, don’t do it! you do need to do what the others on this chat have suggested. Total nightmare I’ve ended up in now.

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Absolutely follow tge the above. Deed of surrender. New tenancy!! No other way. You will get burned

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