Changing a signed contract BEFORE it starts

My existing tenant/contract is due to expire 11/3/21. Originally the tenant wanted to extend just 3 months so I prepared and we have both signed a new contract effective 12/3/21. But the tenant would now like, and I am very happy to oblige, a 6 month contract. How do I (within Openrent) cancel or amend the 3 month contract that we have both signed but which has not yet come in to effect? Do we both need to sign a Deed of Surrender before issuing a new 6 month contract Or just amend the existing (pending) one? How? Its really just a date change on a signed contract that is yet to take effect.

The If you sign a new contract with the same tenant, it should replace the one you already have. I’m not sure why you’re so keen to issue a new contract when the situation you describe sounds tailor-made for a periodic, (month to month) tenancy, which you could have achieved by doing nothing.

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Why didn’t you just let it roll over to a periodic contract ? That gives much more flexibility.

Thx for responses. I and my tenant would like to have a 6 month contract because it affords both of us security. I am not after flexibility, rather security of income, and my tenant would like the security of tenure.

I’m afraid that’s usually a delusion for the landlord. Tenants circumstances can change at any time and signing up to a contract won’t mean anything if they lose their ability to pay or they have to move away. On the other hand, it does give full security to the tenant.