Check in Inventory question


My landlord made her own inventory and I’m surprised to see that the outside of the flat is included. Is that normal? (The stairs, the basket for the mail, etc).
There are just two flats in my building, mine and my neighbours. We both share the stairs, obviously. So is it normal that the landlord includes that in my inventory?

Yes it’s normal
If it’s something you use it goes in inventory

I actually wouldn’t say that was normal unless the landlord owns it? In larger apartment blocks I’ve never seen communal areas as part of an inventory but that’s because the landlord doesn’t own communal areas only leases the use of them (and normally rent covers the service fees for this).

I can’t see how he can enforce any damages on the communal parts without hard evidence of who caused the damage. I am assuming that you and your neighbour have sepereate ASTs and this is not HMO etc.

There is little point in the landlord including areas shared with non-tenants within the inventory as they would not be able to prove that any damage was caused by you.