End of tenancy - check out check list for tenant to follow

Is there any place where I can download check out check list when tenancy ends to pass to the tenant?

For example, at the end of the tenancy tenant should go through the Inventory and make sure everything is in order, tenant should tidy up the garden, clean all the electric items etc. I am planning to send something like it to the tenant with the tenancy agreement.


You just need to have a clause in your tenancy agreement that the property is cleared of all their possessions and returned in the same condition it was in at the beginning, with the exception of fair wear and tear. The check-in inventory and condition report will be more specific and include the things that are individual to your property like garden upkeep etc.


I think I should prepare something like this and email to the tenants -

  1. Go through the inventory:
    As per your tenancy agreement, it is the tenant’s responsibility to leave the property in how it was present to them at the start of the tenancy.

  2. Update your utility accounts and council tax

  3. Make sure all keys are returned

  4. Leaving your garden in a clean and tidy condition

  5. Making sure your appliances are left in a clean condition at the end of your tenancy

  6. Fix damages to the walls (paint, holes et.)

  7. Clean the carpets and make sure they are without any marks



Be careful. You can’t put things on this that aren’t in the tenancy agreement. Did you say the garden should be tidied and carpet cleaned in that?
Scuffs on walls, chips in paintwork etc are fair wear and tear and you can’t insist on them being fixed. If you allowed pictures to be hung, nail holes is what you’ll be left with.
A check out list isn’t a bad idea to remind them of things they agreed to, but be careful not to add anything as it won’t be valid if you try to claim on their deposit


Thanks @Alan27, it is very helpful advice.
I will check whether the above are in the tenancy agreement.
Is it ok if I send them a copy of the inventory which will remind them they should follow it?

Yes nothing wrong with that

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I always ask whether theyve redirected their mail (which they rarely seem to do) and what the utility providers are now, (they often change).

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