Check out clean and acceptable deduction from deposit

Last year i left just one day between tenancies. It was tight, but i was able to clean the flat myself to the standard i wanted (on the vacant day) - my tenants have never left my flat in the same state they got it and i always have to make deductions. To avoid liability to the new tenants should the old ones not move out (or trash the place), simply do not sign the new contract until the day the new tenants move in - ideally, do this in person when handing over the keys. HTH

Thanks all - lots of different ways to do it and good to hear from everyone about the way they run the whole process. On the face of it, it initially looked like a simple process but actually there are many ptifalls along the way

There’s no hard and fast rule, but I would tend to inspect the property when they give notice, and make an assessment of what’s needed at that time, always assuming they don’t do a very good clean. If the property is not kept tidy and presentable, there would be little point trying to market it with viewings.

The best turnaround I ever had was through an exceptional agent, when I was working overseas, who checked the previous tenant out before lunch and the new one in after lunch. He advised me the house was lemon fresh and they’d painted the front entrance gate, which was a surprise, since there wasn’t a gate on the entrance when I left it. They’d even fitted a gate during their term, happy days, and an extremely rare experience…


Sounds like you had a very rare breed of tenants

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they were using their loaf

:slight_smile: I have corrected!

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Only a handful in a 21 year letting lifetime…

The majority make a poor effort, if any at all, when handing back, and I’ve had more than my fair share of horror stories with nightmare tenants.

The adage is certainly true that “an empty property is better than a bad tenant.” Don’t be in a hurry, it will come back to bite you.


What i clearly mean as any educated person would understand is that the more you have in life the less important more money is to you. Have you had a hard life and been rejected as a tenant? We would all like to hear your story ( .I must get a better dictionary I cannot find the the word Narsatistic)

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Like that … About empty better than a bad tenant. Very true, just clean the place up and move on. A tenant rarely looks after a place better than an owner. Having said that ,as a builder I have worked in some less than clean owner/ homes

Look up the definition of a forum . It’s a place where people exchange opinions . To tell someone to ‘keep their opinion to themselves ‘ is a really good definition of someone being thick.


not for much longer i suspect…!!