Childproofing - is that my responsibility?

Hi guys,
I don’t normally let to families as I don’t particularly consider my property as ‘child proof’. I have however, received several viewing requests from families (despite it being ruled out on my page) so I’m reconsidering that decision.
Would it be my responsibility to make the home childproof or that of the parent? For eg, my electric fire place has small bits which could be a choking hazard and my doors have glass panes. Should a child for example, break one of the glass panes and cut them self, or swallow a pebble would I be liable as it was provided in my home?
I used to work with little ones so Im very health and safety conscious!
Thanks in advance

I’ve always found health and safety legislation to be quite wooly, but one thing I do know is that its legally EVERYONEs responsibility, (or at least everyone involved). Given that, I don’t think I’d risk it.

there are building regulations for glass windows below a certain hieght from the floor. You cannot use “normal” glass. Doors with certain glass panes are a no no for adults, never mind children. Glass has to be toughened or laminated

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Thank you. To be honest the doors were purchased years ago from either homebase or b&q. Each pane had an ok sticker on it so, knowing me, it would be up to code though O cant say which one. HOWEVER unsupervised kids can do wonders…

it was the reg 3 years ago that any glass below 800 mm of the floor has to be a safety glass… .Windows that my be prone to a child opening has to have a safety lock on it to restrict the opening … Velux roof lights have to be safety glass also No glass doors close to the bottom of a flight of stairs that someone can tumble down the stairs and cut them selves.

Hummmm…will need to see if i can figure out what i have re doors. Still kept the safety plastic on the panes but i removed the stickers. Windows and glass table are all safe… but still not sure about allowing kids.
Thanks though

Most child proofing is done to also adult proof the property. There are plenty of adults with mental health issues, drinking problems etc. Hopefully your property doesn’t have a garden, there will probably be a few pebbles lying around. Do you ask them at viewings if they have children? Or if they intend to have children? Or if they will ever have any children coming over to visit or stay the night?

Hi Natasha, you’re legally required to ensure the property is safe, but I’m not aware of any specific additional requirements for when children will be living in the property.


There is a duty of care on a parent to undertake due care & control of their child. Ie if a child burnt itself on a radiator its not your fault. Don’t go over the top. I’ve got 8 three bed houses. Just make sure re glass doors and gaps on staircases/landings aren’t wide enough for little ones to fall thru. The rest is up to responsible parenting. Although the fireplace you describe with pebbles, I’d probably rip that out and board over. Belt n braces…plus most tenants don’t like them aesthetically anyway.

To be toughened the panes will have a small white kite mark in the corner of each pane. If they arnt there these are dangerous to anyone and you could be sued. Doubt they will be laminate but you could check with the seller.

good point that Leslie. I thought the laminate had a little mark in the corner also

Well I took a couple into my one bed who then had a baby who then applied to social housing who then have refused to move out cos Covid says they don’t have to comply & now expecting another baby a plan all to get a cheap social rent using my property so now I have 4 persons living in my one bed @ 1 single rent charge- they used my property to lever themselves into a house, I wouldn’t advise taking in young couples & once they’re out I wouldn’t accept young couples far to risky, apart from the safety aspect, yes I think whatever is in the property is your responsibility - don’t accept them or strip your property out. :+1:

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That must be one of the most sweeping generalisations I’ve ever read Suzy1. Are you seriously suggesting that landlords should rule out all young couples because of your experience?!

No course not but that’s just my opinion & my experience I thought that’s what we do on here share experiences so others can make their own informed decisions.