Too many children..?

The landlord has rejected your enquiry, providing the following reason:

“5 Children concerned with excessive damage to property.”

I received this message on the morning I was due to view a 4 bedroom property. We have 5 children aged 3 to 14. 2 girls that share and 2 boys sharing and 1 14-year-old boy.

Does this mean we’ll not be able to rent a decent property in a good area?

I always take out Tenants’ Insurance to protect against any damage, and Rent Guarantee Insurance to protect the Landlord’s rent income and property from any damage.

What is the worry if I’m prepared to insure and look after the property at my cost?

Any landlords out there who are reasonable, please help.

Thank you.

you can get a good home evntually you just have to keep trying. I’m sure not all landlords hate kids like that one sounds.

Thank you Becca. I believe that too.

Have a great day.

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I would always accept children! Families want to make a home, not have parties fight with the neighbours or make a mess.

Thank you Dani.
That is appreciated.

Have a great day.

:-1: The landlord is stupid, kids arent bulldozers and there is no way they can do excessive damage to property.

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I had 5 children. Provided the parents control the children properly all will be well .The fact remains that 7 humans in a house will cause more wear and tear than 2 people. So maybe that concerns the landlord. Both parties need to take before and after pictures. Insuring yourself against damage is a good idea

I would report the landlord. I have 2 daughters aged 12 and 14. They are very well behaved and quiet. If someone said to me I can’t rent because I have 2 daughters I’d be fuming

antyss That depends how good the parents are. I worked in a high class house and the daughter aged about 12 regulary told her mum to “shut up”

12 and 14 is a decent age . Try under 8 with two dogs and single parent ,life is hard for them

Report landlord to who? And for what?