Complaint received regarding coughing/spitting loudly-advice needed!

Hi, neighbours next to my tenants have just contacted me to say that one of my tenants coughs and spits into the sink in the upstairs bathroom, late at night and early in the morning for 30-45 minutes every day. The owner of the house used to experience it and now she rents the house and her tenant is moving out after the 6 month minimum period for the same reason. How do I deal with that?! She said it is really loud and she never said anything when she lived there in case it was a medical condition and she expected some disturbance in a terrace house but is worried that he tenants will always be put off by it too.

Have I got the right to approach my tenants about this? She also said that he shouts throughout the day (described as having a conversation with someone in the kitchen whilst he’s in the upstairs bedroom) so I thought I can use that as an ‘in’ to any conversation. I’m assuming this neighbour is very tolerant as this is the first time she’s contacted me and lived next to them for quite a long time and her tenant for 6 months. Any advice gratefully received

If you are prepared to use the shouting as an ‘in’ to the conversation, I would guess you would just have to be honest about the complaint regarding the coughing/spitting too.
The tenant could well get defensive and unpleasant as however nicely you put it, some will not like it.
There could well be a medical condition (even if it’s just from smoking for example) as to why he is coughing and spitting, from a medical viewpoint, normal people don’t usually do this on an ongoing basis for the fun of it.
You could mention that you understand that he maybe have a medical condition, to come across as empathetic as you can, and that he cannot help it but could he close all windows and doors etc to try and muffle out the sound. A difficult one as I know this can be very unpleasant to listen to.