My tenant complained about heavy smoking cigarette and weeds from neighbour


I recently rented out my flat on the second floor for two months, My tenant complained a new neighbour has moved into the same building on ground floor, they are heavy smokers with cigarettes and weeds. My tenant can smell strong weeds smell is the flat through tube from ground floor all the time. And my tenant also met the new neighbors noticed a strong weed smell from him. She suspected they do illegal drug. I have sent a message to another landlord on ground floor, she also asked the tenant, they replied no smoking. And that landlord suggested my tenant should call police or council. My tenant wanted me to get involved with this and stay with her to call police. Also she worried to do this alone and after might hv trouble with the new neighbour. May I ask what position I should be as a landlord? Thank you!

use crimestoppers . You do not have to say who you are

I don’t think anti social behaviour by a neighbour is a landlords responsibility.
Meanwhile, apart from the annoying smell from cigarettes & weed, why do they care if they are doing stronger illegal drugs in the privacy of their own flat?

Regarding any anti-social behaviour, I would suggest taking it up with the service management company of the block of flats. I had this once where the residents above threw their cigarette ends over their balcony landing on the one below. Service management were helpful by advising all tenants of acceptable behaviour.

Thank you Mike for your suggestion. As the problem is we don’t have a building management, this is a share of freehold flat, me & other landlords are the directors of the company. I may try crimestopper if there is no improvement.

I would tell tenants to contact Environmental Health at the local council who are meant to deal with anti-sociall behaviour.