Complicated private let sale and sitting tennant

Hi, brief hello and thank you to anyone who is able to help and advise into our situation.

We are currently private letting a property that forms an estate that is being sold, the new estate owners require the property.

We have been given a proposal from the old and new owners to leave the property and a compensation for doing so.

The proposal comes with a section 49 tenant end tenancy request, accepting the terms of this would be us essentially making ourselves homeless and therefore not eligible for social housing ( there is no private lets or social housing available as is, with most places these days)

Unfortunately we have had to move out of a private let 3 times in the last 3 years due to a landlord selling up.

The compensation is a pretty package, but I’m unsure why we would be asked to section 49 when a section 21 I think it is ( landlord requires property back) would suffice in this situation? The notice of requiring the property is not until mid August so longer than the 2 months a section 21 would require.

Should I go to a solicitor and try and negotiate this or should I negotiate myself, I’m pretty overwhelmed at that minute and don’t quite think I’m seeing this straight, is it straightforward is it complicated.

I have a wife 3 children and pets, 1 child has additional support needs that I require to be his carer for so we aren’t in a financial position to buy a property.

I guess you could look for a new private rental and if you cant get one, go to the local Council and follow their advice. That would likely mean foregoing the relocation sum, but at least you wouldnt be homeless.

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