Compulsory safety checks

Hi I’ve recently become a landlord and last year I had a new boiler fitted to the property I rent out. I’ve had a reminder that the boiler is due for an annual service and my question is - does this have to be conducted exact to the date it was due or, could I have this done later in the year when the gas safety certificate will also need renewing, thus bringing both into alignment?

There is no requirement for a landlord to service boiler although clearly it is sensible to do so.

The problem with delaying the service is that it would probably invalidate the warranty. I would just bring forward the gas safety check as that should be cheap if done at same time as service.

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Many modern boilers, such as Worcester Bosch models don’t need routine servicing, so check with the manufacturer.

My gas man charges the same for a service and a gas cert as for the service alone so I would just being forward the gas cert if you need the service for the warranty.