Gas safety certificate?

New landlord here.
Just coming up to my first annual gas safety check. People doing it are ones who installed the boiler a year ago and gave me my landlords safety certificate. They say they want £180+ vat for the check/service and another £36+ Vat for another certificate.
I had a look on the website and it is a bit vague on what is required. It says you need an annual check but doesn’t say whether or not you need another certificate. Can anyone help? Thanks

I pay £35 per property

Annual service isn’t mandatory.
Annual gas safe required for all gas applicances.
“Service” procedures vary greatly between suppliers.
Typically it amounts to hoovering out dust.
I would rather put the money in a pot.
£180+VAT plus another £36 is very steep!

I never bother having my own at home serviced.

Main thing is it’s safe.

I pay £50 for gas safe on boiler and cooker.

your quote is way too high .Get another price

I pay £96 for service which includes certificate for the boiler. It is Worcester kombi boiler. Hob certification needs to be requested additionally. I am in Essex.

We pay £55 for annual gas service. Tell that shyster to do one.

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It’s central London and a Viessmann boiler which I think are relatively rare?

I would expect a London premium but that’s excessive. Get quotes. The service part is just money for nothing IMO. The brand may make parts dearer but not the test itself.

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I pay £70 in Derby, for service and cert, and the contractor has a list of dates and organises them all himself.

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I’m also in London. Border of Zone 1. I have two boilers. The older one gets a safety cert every year and the newer one gets a service (stamp for warranty on a Vaillant). I paid £110 all-in this year and £100 last year. I’d say they’re trying to have your eyes out.

It’s very expensive and I would look elsewhere. In the past I’ve used Not particularly recommending, but it does give you a range of quotes for the boiler service. You can book the Gas Certificate via OpenRent.

Outragious! The “service” will be non existent and is sometimes “free” due to the little “work” involved. The safety certificate is £60 - £80 max.

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I use Davis & Gold central London. £89+vat for Service and cert. No extra for parking or congestion.

Lucinda have you got a contact name/number for them please?

Firstly, a new boiler requires a safety check not a service , a proper service is every 5 - 7 years depending on the boiler brand. The checks you need for your gas safety check to do it properly includes, any gas equipment, that’s boiler, gas fire or gas cooker, the gas detector and smoke detector. Your boiler would have come with a 5-12 year warranty depending on the brand, to maintain this you will be required to have the annual safety checks in most cases and certainly the Service intervals. Typical safety checks are from £45-80 depending n your location. If you live 3 hours from civilization then expect to pay significantly more. The guy is ripping you off, avoid.

I have used Openrent, £45 for a gas chech with cert needed annually, and £55 for a service which you only really need every 5 years