Refundable deposit and landlord

Hi im new to openrent and I’ve found a property I like and have been in touch with the land lord and we have the deposit ready however he cant show anyone around because of the lockdown but would get in touch once it was over. I’ve fallen in love with the flat not just because of the photos but its location so I offered to pay the deposit without seeing the flat but he wants for us to see the flat to see if we gel because hes our neighbour. Now I’ve had an email from open rent to ask if I wanted to take the next step and pay a deposit to secure the property. I would but thought it best to contact the landlord first which I did but I’ve had no response and its been well over 3 hours

3 hours is not a long time .Its Sunday . Be patient

I know 3 hours isnt a long time colin you’re right I do get a little anxious when it comes to things like this and now its 19.51 7 hours ago but the biggest problem is the lockdown so I’ve been unable to see the flat in person only the photos and I hope the photos are ok because ive fallen in love with the place and we have the deposit ready and waiting

serena 2 You should always see a place in person . You can walk thru on your own. It is NOT illegal to view a property. At the worst case how do you know the pictures are this particular property?

Hi colin you’re right I need to see the place first but because of the lockdown I’m unable to go and see this flat because I rely on public transport and particularly the tram because im a wheelchair user,I’m I’m blackpool and the landlord will be my neighbour
Thankyou colin you have pointed two things out to me one it’s not illegal to view a place on your own but I still need the keys and secondly the property is advertised.through openrent so I cant see how they will lie and I know the outside is like the photo because I google searched it and found the house the flats in, but now you have got me worried

I dont intend to worry but how do you know whether the pictures are up to date and not taken 5 years ago? How do you know its o k to get your wheelchair thru unless you go there?