Consent for alterations

Hello, advice required.

We have 7 flats in a old period home with a share of freehold and underlying lease.

One of the flats is looking to pull down a structural wall and install wooden flooring and is seeking consent from the freeholders.

  • What is required so that this is done securely? - Who would pay the damages if it affects our flat and the building?
  • can we decline the flooring as the noise level is ridiculous already and they have carpets in place (the entire ceiling creaks, footsteps and voices)
  • if we provide consent - what should then ensure they do?

Any thought will be much appreciated

Google" Party wall Act". I know how it applies to houses. Not sure about flats.

You may find there is a clause somewhere that says carpets must be on floors save for kitchen and bathroom. IE No laminate


You should first check that the leases dont have an absolute prohibition on these alterations. If it does then the freeholders cannot give consent.

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If it’s the structural wall then it will need a consent from the freeholder and a permission from the planning department from local council too

We’ve been informed by the flat proposing the work that the council doesn’t need to but building regulations to proceed

No planning but you need building regs

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Ok. That’s good. But where I live the London as
far as I know we do and and I have seen the planning
permission application.

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They really need a’ Licence to Alter’ signed by the majority of the freeholders which you must be. The flat owner should pay for this and building regs is required for structural wall. They should also be using builder with liability insurance otherwise the building insurance is invalid if things goes wrong. Sounds like they are trying to pull a fast one on all of you.

Thank you all.

The flat has already started works but we haven’t yet consented. We’re really concerned that the wooden floor will not be an improvement and the there is a structural wall being partially removed.

Is there anything that we can do? (We’ve only been give me less than a month to respond)

The owners seems to have pulled a fast one!

Consult a solicitor asap

most definitely or anyone at the council could help