Constants issues from Tenants

Hi everyone,
Have in last 4 weeks rented my property via Openrent. Been an OpenRent Landlord for many years now.
This property I have had nearly 12 years now.
When last tenant gave notice I took opportunity to replace windows with good quality double glazing meeting all safety standards and had good qulaity blinds install as I was getting feb up with the holes each tenants left behind.
On windows install day the tenants text me to ask the window fitter if they had dropped their tv.
I had seen that tv before and had also noticed it was cracked in one corner. The images sent look like someone had a go at making it worse.
I responded to say that the TV was cracked even before the windows fitter arrived (days before when I was there previoulsly). They said yes but not to the extent as per their pics.
I told them that they were in their first week and and I was happy to teminate the contract and I would accept any court action they would like to persue. Heard nothing back.


These new tenants started reporting issues every week.
1] door hand to a bi-fold closet is wobbly - this has been like that since I bought the house. I fixed it same day reported by putting a washer to close the gap.

2] Rear gate has no pad lock - bought a new one same day reported.
Its does have a lacth etc.

3] 3 paving slabs in garden broken and one has chipped end.
Replaced them and secure them in with cement. Looks like they really went out to test then (they are on the edge - creating a 2 inch step) and dislodged them. I asked builder to go round and he moved the section of patio slabs back 3 inches so no over hang. They still complained it was unsafe. So I went over and dug out 3 inces deep and cemeted the 3 slabs. Need an elephant to move them now.

4] In conservatory their is a 2mm gap between the floor and skirting. text rece’d Can I seal it all up.
I am reluctant but today when I was doing the slabs had a look and its ridiculous. Tenant wants it sealed up because they dont like insects. Not an issue for me as I can very easily seal it up. But its been like this since I bough the property.

So whats my issue?
I have been an excellent Landlord for many many years and never once given tenant excuse that I was not responsive or responsible or not a good Landlord.
However, I am getting really fed up with them with every little issue. There is more but above a view of some.

Clause in contract is that cannot give notice first 6 months then 2 months notice period.
Another clause I added in contrcat was that the tenants must notify me of any issues in their first week and of course I would have done the needful.

Q: Can I terminate their contract on any grounds ?

I have contacted their last agent who told me that these tenants I have are taking previous Landlords to court for personal injury after slipping in kitchen after a leaky washing machine.
The paving I felt was heading the same way.

Any advice welcome.
Worst case I get stern with them and give them notice once I can do so but I feel that they are going to make my life hell.

Keep well - Keep Safe


Why don’t you just say no to any work that is non-essential.

I have had tenants like this.
Personally I call environmental health myself and ask them to inspect the property and advise on recommendations.
They usually shut it all down. At least if there are other problems and it does become litigious you did all that you humanly could!
They are not stupid and can see wood for trees! They see tenants for what they are.
When I was inexperienced I used to ask my solictior to deal with their emails ( it was rather expensive) now he kindly advises me. It’s emotionally exhausting.
Get your eviction notice in when you can.

The law is you respond to emails within 14 days and deal with issues within 28 days, except if it is urgent.
Don’t be trigger happy and respond to emails as they come


Hi Vijay.
Good advice so far.

Just wanted to agree with your plan to get rid as it doesn’t get any better, it gets worse. We had tenants like this, trying to trap me in the end and it was horrible situation to be in, as like you I did everything immediately.

Ours was not even to do with repairs it was what else was going on in the neighbourhood! Not my job at all.

At the moment it’s four months notice due to Covid, and good luck.

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@David122 - Hi David - am going to use the exact wording “work that is non-essential”.
I need to get that message across to them.

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I am on the same point about doing everything pssible that I can.
Have been a Landlord for 12 years but been fortunate enough with past tenants no to be a pain.
My wife agrees with you that I am probably being too responsive and need to address urgent issue and as @David122 said say no to non-essential work.

Thank you for your adice - I put in the contract 6 months before anyone can serve notice to avoid those that are not serious about long term tenancy. Of course by mutal agreement that can be sooner but thats not going to happen.
I think I need to toughen up.

Good suggestion getting environmental health in person perhaps say no and ask your tenants to contact environmental health. Gilling Gaia is ridiculous!!! They saw the fiat before they signed up for it. I had tenants that started on the first day. I did as they rudely demanded & then more issues like buying them new blinds which these were perfectly fine and fairly new. I said no to blinds & various other things & then informed them I was selling the property as it was too much for me. They left at the end of their contract once knowing I was going to start viewings.

And they stopped requesting things after I let them know I was putting that on market because it had become too much for me

Hi. It’s hard, as when I toughened up they didn’t like that either, as the rules had suddenly changed and not what they were expecting. They just got nastier but that will depend on their personality.

I was too slow in getting rid as felt bad asking them to leave and kept kidding myself it would get better, which of course it never did.

Sometimes this sort of situation could possibly be helped by having an agent as a buffer but seems to be an impossibility finding a good one.

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Nightmare tenants it seems. Get rid of as soon as possible, they are just a pain and cause stress for any landlord. Tip about getting in Environmental health seems to be a good one.

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I had exactly the same issue. Perfectionist tenants wanting the slightest detail fixed asap. I still have them. We’ve also been helping them with lower rent due to Covid, etc. etc.

Over time I’ve learnt to simply say not to their demands, although I have probably fixed far too many little things. On the other hand, they do keep the property in good order and they pay promptly.

They also had problems with the neighbours, which has been really stressful with both the neighbour and them calling me giving their own version of things.

They have been in the property for nearly four years and to be honest I’ll be glad to see them go. For now I have put the rent up to pre-Covid levels and intend to keep increasing steadily to the market level, which currently is not.

I’m reluctant to ask them to leave because I live abroad and currently it would be a pain to travel. Also things have calmed down slightly both in terms of asking for repairs and the issue with the neighbours.

I got similar issues and that my tenant even reported to environmental health even nothing wrong with the
flat and I replied to them.
I would just say that they saw the place before rented
and again if it’s not essential then don’t need to do.

My friend got the same problem with his tenant and even nothing wrong and then keep threatening that his wife is a lawyer. But I would say as if we are right and best landlords providing best service to our tenants and then don’t need to worry about troubled tenants.

Hi Vijai,
This maybe useful next time you let your property, as well as the agreement and all other relevant documentation, the very last thing we issue the tenant with is" A start of tenancy document" for them to sign which states at clause 6 " We have inspected flat - thoroughly and have no complaints about the condition of the property or items within it.
Don’t remember who suggested a few weeks ago about a landlords blacklist for bad tenants but thought it was an excellent idea, hope it goes further.