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Hi all!

I am renting a room in a share house. I started living here since February. I recently extended my contract for another 6 months in July.

The thing that is bugging me is that I the old contract that I signed ran from February to August. The new contract that I signed July runs from July to January. Shouldn’t my new contract run from August even though I signed it in July because the first contract only ended in August?

Sorry if I misunderstand something but would love to hear some answers.


You can either ask for the error to be corrected and sign another new contract or just accept that you replacement tenancy now started in July.

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Hi David! Thank you so much for your answer. My current stream of thoughts is that my old contract has already covered August already as it ran from Feb to Aug. If I extended my contract, shouldnt my new contract start from August or September, right after when the old one ended as the rent for August has already been paid for?

Yes, but theyve made a mistake. As I said, your options are as per my earlier post.

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