Contract Terms Amendment


Are you able to amend the standard openrent contract? Both tenant and I want to amend it to say that after the first 6 month certain term, the contract will be extended automatically with 2 months notice being served on either side for termination.

We have also agreed that the tenant will only pay a reduced rent for the first couple of months to help with the notice period that they need to provide to their existing landlord



Forget the first part of this, I have just read-read clause 12



Hi Phil, I think the easiest way to facilitate a reduced rent for the first few months would be to turn off our Rent Collection feature and collect the rent directly for those first few months.

Otherwise, if the tenant pays less than the rental price on the contract, Rent Collection will think the tenant is in arrears and send them reminder messages, which may get confusing.

You can then turn Rent Collection back on at any point.

Here is now to turn Rent Collection off (or on).