Change rent collection date?


My tenant wants to change date Open Rent collects her rent each month. I tried disabling and re-enabling the rent collection service, thinking I would be offered the chance to change it on re-enabling, but the collection day is stuck on the original day still.

Surely this is possible?



Hi Dean,

The rent collection date is tethered to the rent payment date on the contract.

Where Rent Now has completed, it’s not possible to amend the rent payment (or collection) date.

Please do let us know if we can help with anything else.

Kind regards,

So, are you saying I need to setup a new contract just to change the payment date?

If so, that is pretty poor for something that should be such a simple amendment.

I will completely disable the rent collection now.

Hi Dean,

To ensure there is a clear period to the tenancy, and so that the notice period is clear, the rent payments have to be made on or before the start date on a rolling monthly basis.

We’d therefore need to collect the rent on the date stipulated in the contract.

In this instance, it would be simplest to not opt for rent collection if the tenant can’t make payments of rent on (or before) the current date.

Kind Regards,

I have just googled as I have this problem and like the OP I think there needs to be some method of changing the collection date. In my case the tenant is willing to pay the extra amount to take them to a different (later) collection date for future months, but it is not possible. I’m not sure I really understand why. My only option is to be to stop using openrent collection and for the tenant to pay me directly which is a shame as I wanted everything recorded in one place.

Actually now I’ve looked into it I kind of see the problem. In my case the tenant gets paid every 2 weeks however I see that this means their payment date would keep varying depending on the month, whereas the contract date does not change, it is always the 6th (or whatever). So in some respects I understand why moving the date is not always a good idea. However in other cases it could be needed so I guess some method needs to be thought up.