Contractual periodic tenancy

I have an assured shorthold tenancy agreement for 6mths that ends on the 31st of December.
The contract states the tenancy will continue on as a contractual periodic tenancy after this time.

I received a letter from the landlord/estate agents saying: “Could you please confirm your intentions as to whether you intend to renew your tenancy agreement or whether you are intending to vacate the property at the end of this term”

We will be likely moving in the next couple of months and don’t wish to take another 6 months agreement. I’m I correct in thinking I don’t have to inform the landlord of our intentions and choose between the 2 options the landlord is asking.

As per advice on other forums, you don’t have to take a new tenancy and perhaps the landlord hasn’t understood what a CPT is. You could explain that it continues on the same basis and hope he agrees. Ultimately, if he wants a new tenancy, he could serve notice for you to leave, but the notice is at least 6 months and thats only the start of the process. I think you indicated elsewhere that you may wish to leave before that anyway.

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