End of tenancy - assured shorthold tenancy

My 6 months contract is going to be end on September.
I have been asked by agency if I would like to extend it for another 6 or 12 months (another fixed term contract) or I am going to remain the property.
I have asked if I can have a rolling contract, as I know, based on the law, I can have it. Unfortunately the answer was ‘landlord does not agree and she wants to have another fixed term’.

How can I get a rolling contract, however do it in a nice way? I do not want to fight with them.
Many thanks for all advises!

hmm you can only have it if the landlord agrees. If your not careful they might just think your not worth bothering with and find a tenant who also wants fixed terms.

Sums up the attitude of most landlords these days.

angelika.trela I recommend you speak to your landlord and explain maybe in more details why you would like them to agree to a rolling contract.

I have a rolling contract and a dodgy Landlord who may use this to his advantage to try and get of me quickly. However, it is also the case that the landlord does not want to get rid of you and would rather have peace of mind for the next twelve months without going through the trouble of having to find a new tenant.

I used the Rolling Contract to my advantage and gave 30 days notice to my current Landlord.


I’m a landlord and personally have no problem with periodic tenancies. Period tenancies give both parties the option of a quick get out after the initial tenancy, however, if it’s working for both parties there is no reason a periodic tenancy shouldn’t go on indefinitely. Good tenants are worth looking after and from my point of view, if a tenant has paid there rent on time and looked after the property, allowing them to stay on, on a periodic tenancy saves the bother of looking for a new tenant who may not pay the rent on time or look after the property.