Corona Virus issue


My 2 tenants who rent my 2 bed flat have just informed me that they have 3 extra people staying with them for the short term. One of the extra people is due to move out on friday to different accomodation. One is awaiting lockdown to end so they can fly back home (A review for their country is next week) and the final person is searching for new accomodation but seems to be struggling.
My concern is when does this become an issue of house of multiple occupantion? I am keen to be helpful in these difficult times but I am worried about not having an HMO for the extra people who are not on the tenancy agreement. Would I even need one if they are not on the agreement? Looking through the housing act on the gov website hasn’t made it very clear.

Temporary staying is not an HMO

Thanks Colin. How long is staying classed as tempory though?

it would be about 30 days .no furniture moved in. An exception would be made in unusual circumstances and their name will never be on a leasePS there must not be monies as rent handed over

Thanks very much Colin. I will work with the 30 day time limit for them however would you say that this virus is usual cirmstances? No there names are not going to appear on the lease and money hasnt been handed over as far as I am aware.

yes it is exceptional My daughter is stuck in S. Africa!

OK thanks Colin. Oh no and I know south africa’s restrictions are worse then ours. At least we have video call these days :slight_smile: thanks for helping me out with this issue.

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