Lodger in breach

Hi I’m asking for advice.i took in a lodger 6 months ago.we didnt sign a contract but told him wat he can and cannot do in my home.i did state that no smoking allowed in the home.since this lockdown hes been smoking in his room bringing in weed and smoking it in his room aswell and I have noticed ges been stealing wine but has denied everything.hes also been going out everynight and weekends and I caught him going threw my personal cupboards. I dont feel safe with him here and I dont trust him.can I give him 2 weeks notice instead of 28 days

you use the tag "mermaid " so I assume you are female. I know what I would do to a lodger in my house who did that. But it probably is not legal. I would have all my male relatives come around, change all the locks and kick him out., bag up his personal belongings and give them to him.

Hi @r1965mermaid, sorry to hear about this situation.

Some good news is that, to my understanding, the new protections renters have been given against evicting during coronavirus do not extend to lodgers. I.e., you can give them notice as usual and if they don’t vacate the room, then you can apply to court for a possession order as usual.

Lots more info here.

If there is no contract then maybe take Colin’s advice. If he’s going out it could reasonably be assumed he has others he could doss with. He’s potentially putting your life at risk by not adhering to lockdown.

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