Beware of new inquiries at this time- Coronavirus untruthful tenants

I’ve had some enquiries recently that I am suspicious of. I think all landlords have to be careful of enquiries coming in now for empty properties. I think because of the no forced eviction rule from the government many dodgy people will try and take advantage to move in and stay for free for the duration with no intention to pay. Be careful people of anyone looking to move in now.


very good point You are spot on

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Well I’m someone with the money who is a good tenant who can’t find a property because of coronavirus which I don’t have so you may loose out too with that attitude in the coming months. Just saying


Hi Rosa,

It’s definitely sensible to keep in mind what the new measures on evictions mean, but they will not be longterm measures and will only last for ‘the duration of the emergency’.

I think it remains true that people’s main motivation for enquiring about properties is that they need to find a new home in the next few months.


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Well the duration of the emergency is looking like a minimum of 3 months could possibly be 6 months… 2 months of no rent is enough to put any landlord in trouble financially later on 3 to 6 months. It is a big problem let’s not try and look at this with rose tinted glasses.

And also after the emergency period if you end up with one if these tenants you will stil have to go through 3 months eviction legal process to get them out on top of the emergency duration. This is could potentially ruin a landlord. I had someone make an enquiry who was not interested in army of the tenant credit checks or even paying a deposit. And his open rent account was only a few days old. Unless open rent says they will help landlords with evictions, i think its fair to tell them to be extra vigilent with pre-rental checks.


Felicity we are only trying to protect ourselves it’s not personal. Im sure if you’re happy to go through checks pay deposit etc, and prove you have income to pay your rent, you will find a person that will rent to you. Good luck

It is going to be difficult for people on all sides, I’ve offered to pay six months up front and people are suspicious and want to know where the next six months is coming from . Can’t win. It’s just good to be a bit open minded and maybe more flexible at this time. Plenty of very hard working good people are not working through no fault of their own and are not out to con anyone and have the money but don’t tick the boxes so they don’t get a look in .


I have had a couple of people pay 6 months up front. No problem

Good to some people have some sense

Have had a few enquiries in the past week. Funnily enough 80% fail to respond to the initial questions I request before even considering a viewing.

I have no issue with my property remaining empty the next 12m. Would rather have no rent than a problem tenant.


80% non reply in normal times is par for the course I agree no rent than a problem tenant

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Have a tenant 2 months in arrears before Corona virus, can I end 6 month tenancy when due
or evict, tenant is fully employed.

I think you can try, but you have to go through the proper legal eviction process. I do think it maybe difficult as the government has said no evictions during this crisis. It will be up to the judge i suspect, depending on what reason the tenant gives and what evidence they have. I am not sure if courts will deem eviction important enough to grant hearings during the crisis, its worth checking what the courts are doing at the moment.

Have you tried talking to the tenant?

Yes good dialect and meeting up until 2 weeks ago now gone silent on us .

Have now served section 8 and 21 to tenant now 3 months in arrears has gone silent on me, and accusing me of breaching her privacy by telling her partner of rent arrears.
Is it right to keep a
Ine of communication going even if we are in dispute??

sey she may calm down and if he lives there is he on the agreement

No he doesn’t live there and they have now split up ,getting rent and possession could take months puts me in a difficult financial position.
Any suggestions??

Speak to her again you will have to gain possesion ASAP .No guarantor i assume?

No she is in her 40ts is working hasnt been furloughed, it’s such a cheek living rent free in our house and refusing to speak to us.

Hi Colin,
Since you have mentioned six month upfront payment, I would like to know if this means that the next payment is due the next month after tenant moves in, or does the next payment falls to the 7th month, i.e. no rent payment from tenant before 7th month? And if in the former case,how to deal with the advance upfront six month payment, is it going to say that the upfront payment will be the rent for last five month? I would be grateful for your experience sharing as I am confused since people seems do it differently.