Cost of changing locks

Hi there. Landlord is charging 100 pounds to change locks as they did not receive my keys even though I did post it (and not track it).

My query is

  1. How much would it cost to change locks? (Unfortunately I don’t have photos to show what type it is but there is only one key to open the main door and to one HMO room)
  2. Can I ask them to give quotations?


He will have to give a new key to all the other tenants .for the main door? A yale can be a £5 A deadlock key £7 and some “registered” keys are more. Ask him to show you the invoice. if he changes 2 locks and has to make several keys ,that sounds reasonable

Changing barrels will cost more. And deadlocks more . again

We recently paid £70 to a locksmith to change the locks on a normal house to the front door. Two sets of keys were provided by locksmith.
Unfortunately, trades people aren’t cheap.

Good idea to get invoice as if LL did it themselves cost wouldn’t have been so high.