Council tax during covis-19

Hi. We have a vacant property during the lock down. We have written to the council informing them that council tax was not due during the lack down as occupation was forbidden by law. This is a stated exclusion on their web site and stated in The Council Tax (Exempt Dwellings) Order 1992. Has anybody had any luck getting a council to exempt council tax on these grounds?

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I will take one shot at the answer Do you really think Landlords will get a break?

It depends on the local authority, I have one property that cannot be rented due to covid-19 and the local authority gave me 2 months 100% discount on council tax, and another in the same situation where they want full council tax.

Great question @MEGAN77. Would be interseted to hear what landlords have to say.

@MEGAN77 Good question. I’d say that the law does not explicitly “forbid” occupation of a vacant property. While not recommended, home moves are still permitted during the lockdown as per the official government guidelines here: This is the latest version but even the older (more strict) version of the government advice for landlords back in March advises delaying home moves but states that, if unavoidable, they are permitted as long as social distancing rules are observed - see page 16:
Therefore in my view, landlords can apply for the normal council tax empty property discount (my borough only offers a measly 14 days discount!) but I highly doubt councils would grant any further exemptions for COVID-19. Worth a try I suppose?!
Hope that helps!