Covid19 rent pause


I own two commercial properties and due to them being forced to close during the lock down. I have agreed to reduce their rent by 50%. However, now businesses can claim from the govt how can i be reassured that they are not claiming against full rent?

you can’t I am in a similar situation I have agreed a 50% discount for the 3 month lock down and a 1/4 years rent deferral for 1 year but the tenant wants more and more and more and I think I have offered enough given a lot of their overheads have been covered by the government, or am I being evil mean landlord…

You have done enough .more always wants more

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Thanks I want to help but don’t want to be taken advantage of, I guess come Brexit land lords will be expected to take a hit again…

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any more and I can see landlords selling .Then there wont be enough accomodation to go around