Couple relocating from Ireland queries

Hi myself and my partner are relocating from Ireland for work (partner started job on Monday)

We viewed a place over the weekend and put in the application, we are waiting to hear back

I work as online trader self employed the last 6 months as was made redundant from working in the Same role for a company, with a large payout 6 months ago.

Partner has started her new job in UK already, and her salary can cover the rentx30 and themsome on her own.

I have 85,000 thousand euros savings in my Irish bank account I said I can show the agent, along with my previous years p60 (end of year tax statement )

Do you think we will have a problem? As we just moved here we will have no uk credit history etc, both rented at home and can provide references

Thanks for any information

Hi David,

No, it sounds like there shouldn’t be any problems in terms of affordability. There may be a bump in the road if the landlord references you both, and because you, David, might not have a regular income paid monthly from an employer, you could fail referencing. But in your circumstances, I think this would not put off any reasonable landlord from letting to you. Referencing is just one thing landlords should look at among many, and a fail does not mean ‘don’t let to this person’. It just means the referencing company is unwilling to offer insurance products to the landlord for the tenancy.

Hope that helps,


offer a few months upfront