Reclaiming deposits to pay rent arrears

Hi has anyone decided to claim tenants deposits back if they are unable to pay any of their rents? We will then get the tenants to top their deposit up again after they are able to resume work.

We are suggesting tenants pay at least 50% of there rent!

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As a parent of a secondary school child, the lockdown has placed more responsibility on my shoulder, my daughter remains with me until after the lockdown, if were to pay the full rent of 1415 my bank balance would be nil and we would starve with no food and anxiety caused by coronavirus would simply kill me off. I am appreciative if Landlords and leaders Executives of Openrent develop an understanding because none of us here knows when this lockdown ends, also we are still here but we face so real being victims of this pandemic ravaging through the world. I would suggest that letter of understanding and corporation adopting the government support be sent to our landlords, we are in together, this is a silent war that we can only win through a big heart, 50% is indeed fair in this time of grave pandemic never seen, something that collapses your lungs and with organs failing rapidly so scary we have sleepless nights. Please kindly agree that 50% of the rent be adopted.

I had a tenant who owed rent sign over the deposit to me and I was paid