Credit check - new tenancy

Currently in a joint tenancy with my ex, he is going back to parents so ending tenancy but I want to stay on - letting agents have said I can have new tenancy in my name as long as I earn 13k a year - I earn 22k before tax, perm contract job can provide any payslips and reference from company as been there 5 years.
They are also wanting to do another credit check and check my credit score. - my score on Experian is “fair” @ 793 do you think this is going to be too low for them? The flat is a tiny one bed at £450pcm

I have a large loan out but have never once missed a payment for anything will the loan I have put them off?

Also will they most likely use Experian for my credit score check or another company ?

What do you think the likely hood of me being accepted ? I have no ccjs or defaults either I’m just very stressed as want to stay and don’t have guarantor

I know it’s basically down to my landlords decisions but I’m just seeking other peoples opinions and outlook on my circumstances here.

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As far as I know , when letting agents do credit checks they only have access to information such as CCJ and defaults. The fact that you have neither of these should mean you will be ok.

Credit searches by letting agents and landlords are known as ‘soft’ searches. This means they’ll only check the public information on your credit report. This will include: Information on any County Court Judgments (CCJs) or insolvencies caused by missed payments in the past.8 Feb 2022

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Experian scores are irrelevant as it is whether you have been refused credit or have judgments against you as mentioned before.

The poorer you are the better your Experian score as you are always using credit rather than paying for your needs out of your funds. Experian will encourage you to take more credit (which is really debt though they like to mislead on that) to boost your score.

Logically you should use less costly credit and pay more from your earnings and never get a CCJ.


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