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Hello, Please can someone help. I have a potential tenant who has shared their Experian credit report with me which states score of 578 and shows two defaults for payments (both in 2019)but no CCJ. What are your thoughts? Will they pass a credit checks with poor score of 578 and 2 defaults? do you think i should consider them or not?

If I were you, I won’t consider it.

To dismiss based on this alone would be quite harsh I feel. Defaults can happen for any number of reasons, including genuine mistakes. It was quite a while ago.

You could ask the question how they came about.

Way up other factors. I personally look at bank statements. Consider savings, Disposable income, Job security etc.


How about asking for guarantor?


You are so fair in your judgement,God bless you.I am also an immigrant,my company transferred me from Nigeria to Birmingham for work,I work with the same organisation I have been working with back in Nigeria here in Birmingham for the past 8months now.Most people around me coming in to UK also owns properties back home and we know how it is when tenants gives us trouble,so we wouldn’t like to do same to others.Personally ,I wouldn’t treat my landlord with disrespect.New people should be given a chance and benefits of doubts,and if they mess up the opportunity,bad for them,but we should all be fair in our judgement about others.Most times, I wondered if the same criteria is use for British people as well, because I saw a British family that are up to 10 families in one room and a sitting room,the parents,the children and the grandchildren and boyfriends (Ridiculous)the parents sleeps in the sitting room,the Son and wife sleeps in the room with some kids,the rest sleeps in the lounge,Jesus, :sob:,and I am like :disappointed:

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Hi all thank you for your advice. I have accepted the applicant based on all other criteria’s which she was great at as you suggested in your response to me. Much appreciated:)

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