Bad credit but good job

I was wondering whether others can share experiences or share advice. I am looking for a property however I have really bad credit due to businesses failing which has turned my life upside down. However i have an amazing job and earn above 3k per month. Why is it still difficult to find a property and would a landlord be okay with this? I’ve never missed rent payments and have an amazing relationship with my current landlady who I found privately. It’s really difficult that you are judged on bad credit when you are decent tenant.
Any advice or tips? I’ve bad landlords message me to say they need a credit reference check, and I am open and honest with them. But I do feel this gets in the way.

do you have any CCj s

No thankfully but loans to do with business

why do you not offer a few months rent in advance? You will not be able to avoid a credit check

I am unable to do that at the moment, I could in a few months time. Thanks for the suggestion.

anyone can have a bad run in business for a variety of reasons, But this should not stop us trying again. The trick in business is if markets are changing , know when to get out… Keep going and try again.

From a personal point of view I always look at referencing checks on an individual basis. If as you say you are earning £3k pcm, you can show some history in that position i.e. not on a trial period and I could talk to your boss/HR I would consider you for a tenancy. We would need to sit down and go through your finances which I understand is intrusive but as a businessman yourself you would understand why.
Good luck, you will find a place just keep trying…