Current tenants won't be renewing contract

ok so my current tenants advised me via Whats App they won’t be renewing the AST which runs out in July this year. Looking at the contract it stipulates they need to put this in writing. So I responded that please can you put this in writing via email which they have failed to do.

Do I just ignore the request or just agree to end tenancy. I am a fairly new landlord and want to make sure I follow the correct procedure so any advice is welcome.

so why bother having an AST in that case? "Notice to end the tenancy at or after the end of the Initial Term
12.2. If either party wishes to end the tenancy on or after the final day of the Initial Term, they may give notice
in writing to the other as follows:
The Landlord must give notice of no less than two months, such notice to expire any time on or after the
final day of the Initial Term. A notice served by the Landlord under section 21 of the Housing Act 1988
shall be sufficient notice under this clause.
The Tenant must give notice of no less than one month, such notice to expire the day before a Rent
Payment Day or on the final day of the Initial Term.
12.3. If neither party serves a valid notice to terminate the tenancy at the end of the Initial Term, the parties
agree that at the end of the Initial Term the tenancy will continue as a contractual periodic tenancy on a monthly
basis. The parties agree that clause 12.3 acts irregardless of whether multiple months rent was paid in advance
or not.

Just agree to end it and move on, you can send them an email and refer to their WhatsApp. You do need to issue an acknowledgement of their notice to avoid them changing their minds.

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ok agreed, I will email them to confirm thanks

It sounds like you have a contractual periodic tenancy with them, in which case the tenants either need to serve notice in line with the TA or sign a deed of surrender on exit to end the tenancy. I would suggest you prepare the latter and everyone signs with a witness as they are leaving.