Customising OpenRent AST using Rent Now

I am considering using Rent Now with OpenRent - it states that custom clauses can be added by the Landlord but it is not evident how this is possible from looking at the downloadable AST - only the normal variables eg address, rent, deposit etc.

I have learnt (the hard way!) re requirements that need to be made clear to tenants and don’t want to pay for something that won’t allow me to put in action my learned experience!

Has anyone used Rent Now and customised their AST as they wanted without any restrictions? What input do OpenRent have?

Thank you all.

You might be better off spending £75 to join NRLA where all the documents are then free, including the AST template, addendum template and suggested addition clauses.

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Thank you. Very good point. Probably a better course of action. Do you have any tips on managing a holding deposit if not done through OpenRent? I imagine NRLA could advise on that too?

I have used the OpenRent AST and added something. I can’t remember at what stage but it was very easy.

NRLA have a holding deposit agreement too.