Rent now vs using your own AST/deposit scheme

Just wondering whether landlords on this forum use “Rent now” for AST and deposit scheme or do this themselves? I was thinking of not using rent now for the following reasons:

  1. I can tailor the AST to my own needs although most of the ASTs I have seen are PDF documents so difficult to edit. Which AST forms do you use and what extras do you include in them?

  2. I can choose which deposit scheme to put my deposit into. I have heard that the mydeposit scheme is not the best compared to others and I also quite like using the insured schemes which openrent does not currently offer.

Just wondering what other landlords do?

Be careful with “tailoring” an AST, pretty much any change you make is not likely to stand up in court.

I never use the rent now option, but as above, don’t tinker with legal documents unless you’ve had legal training. I suggest you join the NRLA and look at their model documents.

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Ok thanks useful to know