Can I create an AST Agreement

I have a listing on Open Rent however my tenant has paid me directly for the holding deposit. How can I create a lease now?

Hi Suzanne,

Yes you can still use our Rent Now service to create the tenancy and use our AST.

You will have to return the money you took to the tenant and then ask them to place a holding deposit with us by clicking the ‘Rent Now’ button on your property listing on the OpenRent site.


Ok It will be confusing for my new tenant is there other way of doing it?

Suzanne Why dont you download your own lease and then take the holding deposit off the first months rent?

I have been trying to find a lease do you know anywhere I can download one from?

Suzanne are you in any Landlord organisation .I am in the NLA asnd I get free legal advice and have downloaded AST agreements off them for free. They also hold seminars around the country free to keep us up to date with regulations etc. Their joining fee is tax deductible!

THe NLA lease is a great one very simple, easy to understand, I go to all their free meetings, free advice over the phone. Tax deductible fee. you can then be accredited, I have used a few of their leases. Dont let your tenant send money to anyone but yourself…<> google in “free AST agreement”

That’s brilliant thank you I will look into this much appreciated.

Kind regards


Hi Suzanne, I hope you’ve found a way to resolve this now and proceed with your tenancy. The way Colin described seems sensible.

I know it is a bit frustrating to have to return the holding deposit in order to begin the Rent Now process, but I’m afraid that OpenRent being paid the holding deposit is a necessary part of the service. We’re looking at ways to make this smoother for landlords and less confusing for tenants.