Leaks inside of the walls, mold, and broken heating system

The heating system at our apartment isn’t working since the last winter. Despite our multiple requests, nothing has been resolved yet, and another winter is fast approaching.

In addition to the above, we’ve recently spotted some major wet stains in our bedroom and en-suite bathroom, which now are causing repetitive mold eruptions.

We like the place we live in, but I am desperate and running out of ideas. We receive no help from the landlord, the building management doesn’t want to speak to us (as everything must go through him), and from my point, it looks like fixing the problem won’t be cheap. I have a 2-year-old baby and I can’t allow it to stay in a cold, wet and molded apartment for much longer.

If the landlord won’t resolve the above problems urgently, we’ll be forced to leave the apartment without fulfilling the contract and without giving proper notice. If that happens, are we still going to receive our deposit back? How about references? What are our options?

Landlords like this are a disgrace,I think your only option is to contact your local authority

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Totally agree. Our landlord behaved the same - we had numerous issues - mold, heating, no hot water, leaks and the estate agents kept fobbing us off. We finally decided to move out but found out subsequently that you can report this to the council and they would intervene.
Frankly it’s not worth the hassle dealing with this kind of aggravation consistently.
Contact shelter uk for advice.

Get along to agent tell them if not sorted in3 days you will be along to the council .Put it in writing, keep a copy , record all events in a diary

I’m sorry you have to put up with this, I hate landlords like that because not only do they cause distress and suffering to their tenants but they also give good landlords a bad name. And yes I’m a landlord, but I fix tenant’s problems as soon as I possibly can.
Go to the council and notify the landlord that you intend to do so.

Hi Jakub, sorry to hear this.

I echo the thoughts of others:

  • speak to Shelter
  • report the need for urgent repair to the council, mentioning your two-year-old child

I hope this is resolved soon!