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Tenant and Landlord good, both sides of the story.

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I am a landlord. I am a chartered engineer and take interest in technical matters.

Yes. Very true. Thats why most of the little landlords like me would do their upmost to get good tenants - like offer a fair rent and keep them happy in their accomodation. It seems like both labour and conservative councils are only interested in the big boys for some reason and want to force the small private landlord out of the market. That seems to be the purpose of most of the regulation they are forcing down our throats- nothing to do with the interests of tenants.


that should read big boys/girls

I understand your point about people not identifying their involvement but as many people have said, there is a broad range between renting out one property and having numerous properties with lots of experience.

I am a tenant and with experience of renting three properties between my estranged husband and myself and assisting my son to rent two properties. I am under notice from my landlord who wants to sell the property, so I am looking for another one. She has owned several properties and had some very poor tenants in the past, but I don’t think she would consider herself an expert

I consider her a good and tolerant landlord and I completely understand why she plans to retire.

My difficulty in finding a new rental is that I am an animal lover and want to bring two dogs with me. I’ve been looking for months but every advertisement is accompanied by a no pets statement or the agent tells me that there are numerous applications for every property and the landlord will always choose to accept the applicant without pets. I’ve got good references, am a keen gardener and take good care of my home, but I can’t get through this blanket policy!
Soon to be “the Lady in the Van” as Maggie Smith portrayed so well.

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You cannot blame a landlord for choosing the easiest option in life. We all do that in other aspects of our life. The easiest option is to choose a tenant with no children and no pets. Less wear and tear! ( wait for the replies of outrage)


Hi im a potential tenant looking to relocate to skegness or surrounding area. Im looking for a landlord who takes dss tenants!! Im 49 im doing a degree im also in reciept of DLA. I dont need a student loan as i am entitled to HB. Im finding that people are put off by people who are currently in reciept of HB. PLEASE HELP ME HELP MYSELF TO LIVE IN THIS AREA BECAUSE IT WOULD HELP ME TO HELP OTHERS… THANKS FOR LISTENING…

I do feel for you. My worst tenants have not had pets and my best tenants had and have pets. I am a landlord and I have rented ( without pets)
We have pets ourselves and whilst I would never say that they do not do damage, and they do leave swathes of fur everywhere, this is something I accept and deal with in my own property and I have always found that my tenants do the same in my rented properties.
The problem arises with irresponsible tenants who do not pay for their pets (or children’s) problems and this leads to all tenants get tarred with the same brush, and as Colin 3 says if landlords have a choice they cannot be blamed for not taking the risk of having their property damaged without any recompense.


Hi Colin

I agree it’s nice know who is who but if I may add if they do have a profession, as we have accountants, builders sparkles, plumbers and many more as contributors. Useful professional info can be added for everyone’s use.

Landlord, multiple properties,

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That Musey again singing the same old BS, badly done to, weep,weep, having a go at landlords, its all their fault

How do you get hold of a landlord to ask direct question instead of getting sent through to a page that says arrange viewing although the button you click on says “ask question of arrange viewing???”
All I wanted to know was “when are photos of room for rent in a house share going to be available?” Why would I want to arrange a viewing if I don’t get to see photos first!!!