Trying to find a property

I don’t no what to do I’ve been in the same property for 10 yrs we have never asking for anything done all repairs the hot water has gone 4 times upto now and we have replaced it… in sept had abit of a arguekent with landlord through text he said he couldn’t do this anymore to which I think he meant rent to us. A few days later we receive a email saying he wasn’t well and we should actively start looking for another property… now my problem is we have 4 ccjs each so private rent we are finding it hard to find somewhere estate agents rude even one on openrent… but I’ve paid the rent on time I can’t understand why no one will give me a chance I’m in winsford so if anyone knows any landlords that will give us a chance

Need to find guarantors with assets.

Ccjs shows irresponsibility or living beyond means that’s why. There’s a lot of build up before anyone gets a ccj, never mind 4 of them (each?)!! This is unnecessary risk to landlord, when there are far more tenants than properties, a LL has the pick of the best.


I’m ill and that’s how we got into that mess so don’t get on your high horse with me

Don’t get arsey, just explain your situation. If you had mentioned that to begin with my reply would have taken that into account.

Theres no easy answer. If you are registered disabled and on respective benefit this will be seen as a stable income by many landlords.

A big problem is that government pay HB direct to tenant and not landlord.

I feel for you if you have been forced into a mess because of illness.


If you cant find anywhere, go to the Council for help.


What was the argument is for please? This might come across as private question but I think it is important to understand. I would not ask someone to leave unless I have some concerns.

My landlord is ill so he is selling the property

“4 ccj s each” do you mean you have a total of 8 ?

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What sort of amount do you owe between you?

Hi Colin yes 8 in total… we lost everything in 2013 are house everything due to my illness we lost everything it was a awful time we had a debt relief order but recently found out we had missed 4 they amount to about £4000 together

Hi mark together about £4000 but we plan to pay them once we find another house at the moment it’s looking like a council property

Hi mark it hurts so much that we lost everything I’ve been poorly since 2013 and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone we have rented for 10 yrs not one missed payment and we didn’t no about the ccjs until lms winsford told us
Thank you for been kind to me

that is a tough life All you can do is explain to a potential Landlord

Oh you are not in a good place. Even one county court judgement will make it harder for you to rent from private landlords. If you have more than one it is really hard!

They show up every time a landlord references you !

The only thing you can do is honestly explain your situation to landlords you apply to and hope someone is willing.

Your best chance is if you have a 100 % record of paying rent on time to your current landlord and they are wiling to give you a reference saying so! But you are stil likely to be at the back of the queue.

Government policy has driven many landlords out of the sector , and those who remain were hit hard by the Covid freeze on evictions which meant landlords lost money to tenants who did not pay rent, so there is now a massive shortage of rented accommodation and lots of people competing for every new let. and landlords wanting to be sure they get rental income to cover their losses.

If you have 8 CCJs its going to be really tough - but for those who just have one try to pay it off if you want to rent from a reputable landlord.