Deposit advice. Need to use it for damage caused

Hello, Unfortunately my house has been left in a bad state.

1.Carpet in lounge has been professionally cleaned (organised by tenant) but needs replacing, stains that will not shift, about 8 all together.

2.There is a 1cm chunk out of a granite worktop in kitchen.

3.The wooden floors are wrecked and cleaners advised after trying their hardest to scrub up would need to be sanded back and re varnished.

There is a lot of other things like terrible stains on upstairs carpets and they have broken all the blinds, which I am prepared to sort myself, but the three things mentioned above are a step too far from wear and tear.

Do people agree I should pursue this?

Probably, but it would depend on age and condition at start of tenancy, ie if carpets are old( i believe some deposit schemes only give carpet a 5 year lifespan) then you are unlikely to get much back as tenant isn’t responsible for replacing old with new, just the amount you would have lost by having to change now against keeping the old items.

ok, thanks… I have photos of before they moved in to go with inventory and the after photos which show the amount of damage. Hoping this will help

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