Deposit deduction for labour

When a tenant has vacated, can a landlord deduct money from their deposit to cover the cost of labour (iE paying a handyman) in fitting new items to replace damaged items caused by the tenant, such as a new bathroom cabinet, window blinds etc? I can’t see why not as if they were to pay for a replacement carpet then it’s inevitable there would be the fitting fee on top. The labour deduction would be on top of the deduction for the items themselves.

Likewise, can a landlord charge labour for their own time if he/she chose to fit items themselves, or decorate?

you can charge for anyone elses time /labour .not your own

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Why not your own? I’ve usually charged if it’s rectifying issues caused by them.

Did the tenants agree with your assessment and costs so it did not have to go through the ADR procedure though?
A few years ago I tried to claim for my own labour through the DPS and was told this was not allowed. Unless things have changed.

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DPS do not allow claims for your own labour charges. Best to agree deduction from deposit (in writing) with the tenant to include time/petrol/labour etc. I’ve done this several times over the years and its the smoothest/quickest way to deal. Just be reasonable and fair in what you are asking for.