Deposit mess up

I recently used OpenRent’s deposit transfer service to transfer a deposit from DPS to MyDeposits. What happened however was that DPS transferred the incorrect deposit so now on my DPS account it shows that this deposit has been transferred to MyDeposits however on OpenRent and MyDeposits it shows different tenant names. All the prescribed information etc has already been sent to the tenants. DPS is absolutely useless, they are saying that it has been transferred to MyDeposit so I should now contact MyDeposits and get it rectified at their end. I think that it should be rectified by DPS. The amounts of the two deposits are the same and they are for the same house (current and future tenants). I dont understand why DPS can’t just rectify at their end since they were the ones made the error. Does anyone have any advice on this? Now the incorrect deposit that was transferred seems to not be registered on any deposit scheme because DPS says they’ve transferred it and MyDeposits thinks they’ve received a different deposit (the correct one). This really puts me in a difficult situation so any advice would be much appreciated.

Hi Jose,

Thanks for your post - please email us at so we can look at this in further detail and resolve any issues for you.

Usmaan :slightly_smiling_face: